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A Dad's March

Hi, I’m Lee Marshall, and I would like to welcome you to our community.  This is my journey of the challenge of my lifetime, being the best husband I know how while I raise the future.

“Raising the future”, is why our community exists.  We are a collective of imperfect humans aligned in their desire to be more and provide a better future for our children.  I hope that you feel at home within these pages and invite you to join our online community.  

Thank you for stopping in and choosing to fight the good fight of personal betterment to provide a better tomorrow for your children.  

Cheers to raising the future!  -Lee Marshall, Founder

Hi, Welcome to

A Dad's March

Welcome to the challenge of my lifetime, being the best husband I know how while I raise the future.

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Raising the future, is a journey unlike any other.  It is a journey filled with personal growth, spiritual awakening and most of all joy! Here we share the latest tips, research and stories related to this awesome responsibility affectionately termed parenting.

  • I feel the need… the need for speed…

    https://adadsmarch.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Rollin_1-1.mp4 I like to start with the disclaimer, I’m not sponsored by anyone, and any opinion I share is just that, my own opinion. That…

    19 Jan, 2021

  • Speaking

    I forget what I was reading or where I first saw baby sign language, but I was hooked. Wait! I remember now, The New Father:…

    19 Jan, 2021

  • When I could finally eat again by Lady

    Dear mammas, I have one thing I want to talk about with y’all. To me, it was probably the deepest part of hell that I…

    19 Jan, 2021

  • Grow

    I’ve seen it. I know you’ve seen it because we all have. It’s easy to convince yourself that you’re doing the very best you can…

    19 Jan, 2021

  • Praising Effort

    So, I started this challenge series to have research-based tools we all can use in our lives, specifically parenting. This idea of mine is based…

    19 Jan, 2021

  • ADadsMarch

    I stood there in the delivery room next to my wife and I watched as my son was born. Someone who I had watched grow,…

    19 Jan, 2021

  • The love you give

    It’s not until you’re a parent that, at least in my life, this thought sank in. When you study, you’re choosing to improve your knowledge….

    12 Feb, 2021


About me

I remember like it was yesterday, standing beside my wife in the delivery room as the nurse placed my son in my arms for the first time.  At that moment, I knew he was my baby love, and he was everything to me.  I loved him, and there was something indescribable about seeing him take his very first breathes. This…

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Parenting products, books, courses and more!  Some items will delight you, others will hopefully enlighten you and all will help you in your quest of “Raising the Future”.